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Towards Developing Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion Practice

As a Black female professional with extensive experience and training in human resources management and organizational development, I witnessed many diversity and inclusion initiatives operating with insufficient internal awareness and no effective framework for sustained support for leadership, their managers, or the underrepresented communities they wish to engage to facilitate change. This is especially significant for Black women, who are some of the least represented in positions of authority across every industrial sector. Although the work behind the Anti-Racist Global Citizen™ had been long in development, it was launched amid the global wake-up call triggered by George Floyd’s death in the United States. The moment laid bare widespread social fragmentation, confusion, anger, and a need to get it right.

In response, the Anti-Racist Global Citizen™ was created to enable deep work through sustained coaching and advisement to support a reflective process that facilitates understanding of facets of racism and anti-racism, guides implementation of effective inclusive frameworks, and improves the overall quality of interpersonal engagement. The full Anti-Racist Global Citizen™ Action Program includes a five-point facilitated training process that uses a combination of participatory engagement, lecture, group facilitation, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and evaluative feedback support to help organizations incorporate critical thinking and active implementation of anti-racist and inclusive practice. The program has an adaptable format to meet organizational needs at whatever stage of maturity.

The team behind the Anti-Racist Global Citizen™ is composed of diverse professionals and community activists from North America, Africa, South America, and Europe. The team reflects an intergenerational spectrum of more than seventy years of collective experience in grassroots organizing, human rights advocacy, education, management consulting, international development, and management training.

Recent Developments

The Anti-Racist Global Citizen™ program is in demand, and we are currently in talks with several organizations in the use of the tool to facilitate improved and informed inclusive programming. We’ve also recently increased the program’s visibility: Lucie Cunningham of Tell Them Well Communications posted an interview with me on her blog. I also spoke in depth about the program in an episode of Sommar med Just Arrived podcast. And our new website is in development.

About the Author

Bayo Callender, the creator of the Anti-Racist Global Citizen™, is an international human rights attorney, trainer, coach, mediator, and facilitator with UN experience and has a background that includes multiple stakeholder engagement, organizational development, and HR management. A passionate people-person and engaging speaker, she is a certified participatory gender and diversity audit facilitator, as well as a specialized criminal and human rights investigations expert. Bayo brings more than twenty years of experience in organizational change development, strategic planning, and human rights advocacy through the lens of inclusion and diversity. She engages in anti-discrimination training and advisement, inclusive policy and practice development, teaching, leadership coaching, workshop facilitation, program planning and management, and technical writing.


You are most welcome to reach out for more information on the program and a potential consultation at callendergroupconsulting@gmail.com or on our dedicated LinkedIn page.

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