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Thank you AWC!

I read a book which said, “Berlin will slap you in the face, and then kiss you on the forehead.” After four years and a global pandemic, I can say that is a true statement.  While the slaps made me stronger, it was the kisses that kept me here.  One of those kisses is this AWC community. 

I joined AWC in May 2020 after almost a year in Berlin.  When I moved here, I told myself I wouldn’t seek out Americans. But in the summer of 2020, during a COVID-19 lockdown, I craved some American culture. My first year in the club was spent online with learning Tai Chi, virtual dance parties, and online game nights.  Those events became a refuge and connection.  As we went to in-person events, I remember how nervous I was meeting folks for the first time. But I found the same welcoming people in-person that I had online. I began to feel a sense of belonging I had not felt since moving abroad. 

As I prepare to leave Berlin to move back to the US, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the club and the women whom I have had the pleasure of calling my friends. I am thankful for the diversity of experiences and backgrounds I have encountered.  I am thankful for the support given, questions answered, and resources shared.  I am thankful for my AWC buddy who has become a dear friend.  I am thankful for all the helpful information found in our Facebook group. I am thankful to all the ladies who stayed for one more drink resulting in some random karaoke or the planning of our next outing.  I am thankful to everyone who takes time to plan and host events. I am thankful for all the events, rides, advice, and community over the last 3 years.  I am thankful for this group who helped Berlin feel like a home.  I am thankful that when I move back to Atlanta, I even have an AWC person in my neighborhood.

I feel like I am leaving just as I have found my people and place in AWC and Berlin. But that is the nature of this city. I cannot imagine my Berlin experience without AWC.  Should I ever return to Berlin, I know there will always be a friendly face in this community.  I will miss the club, but I look forward to staying connected. Vielen Dank! 

 – Elizabeth Cox, AWC Member since 2020

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