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Dear Me #4 — Oh, Maggie May

oh, maggie may by Maggie May      Reflection(s) Oh Maggie May, Youth is wasted on the young. You seem to have all the answers! How I envy your false sense of confidence and righteousness. Or should I say pity it? Don’t forget my darling, history has a habit of repeating itself. Can you …

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Dear Me #1 — Tessier’s Tenets

Tessier’s Tenets by Claudia Tessier September 13, 2020 Berlin Dear Me, I want to share with you what I call “Tessier’s Tenets” to help you in your career development. My mother first introduced many of these to me, and other mentors (mostly women) reinforced and added to them as I gained authority and responsibility in …

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#stayathome stories – #17

In our latest story, Karis Zeller reflects on lessons from the pandemic in a fictional letter to her children not yet born. Karis blogs regularly at Don’t Dream, Just Travel. A Letter to my Future Children by Karis Zeller  Berlin, May 27, 2020 Dear Children, Hopefully, you will never experience the time we had to …

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#stayathome stories – #16

In this installment in our series, KL shares flash fiction set during the pandemic.  Rinse and Repeat by KL One, one thousand . . . two, one thousand . . . three, one thousand . . . four, one thousand . . . Really? Twenty seconds? Why not thirty? Five, one thousand . . . six, one thousand . . . seven, one thousand . . . eight, one thousand . . . Damn. (Oder verdammt. Hah! German!) I haven’t put the shopping bags away yet. Maybe I should …

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#stayathome stories – #15

In her short story set in the year 2030, Daphne Chiang-Ratke imagines how we’ll explain what the pandemic was like to our grandchildren. Rapunzel’s Kingdom, Corona by Daphne Chiang-Ratke Berlin, September 2030 This year, our seven-year-old grandson and his twin sister stayed with us for the last few weeks of their summer vacation. One afternoon …

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