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AWC Writing Workshop

We held a writing workshop with Annie Brandt of the Berlin Writing Group – below are two short but poignant essays from an exercise we did. Our hope is to start a writing group within the AWC where we can motivate and support each other to put pen to paper.

Assignment: write up to 99 words on the topic “Missing”

Missing you when you’re not here. Missing you while you sleep. Missing you when we sit silently, laughing out loud, as we watch TV. Missing you. The toddler you. The Mama, I will always hold your hand you. The good-bye kissing you in front of a school full of boys. The biking to the UBahn you. The holding each other hands as the airplane takes off you. Missing the carefree, contented, cheerful you. I know why that is. That’s why we must be mindful. We must take steps towards happiness once more. Missing you. I believe in you.

by Suzy Nguyen

I’m missing HOME … terribly! I am fine most of the time about our life abroad. Married to my German husband, I have been in Europe for 22 years, experiencing moves across multiple countries, childbirth, adoption, loss of jobs, start of new careers, exciting travels, new languages and new friends. But once in a while, something … a rainy day, a familiar song, a photograph… will trigger it. It hits me in the gut! The pain doubles me over. I miss HOME.  I miss my parents, I miss speaking Vietnamese, I miss eating my Mom’s cooking, I miss gossiping with my sister and hugging my nieces, I miss my Dad’s stories, my Mom’s judgement, my old dolls. I miss a piece of my heart.

by My-Linh Kunst

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