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By Maya Guice. What Does it Mean to be From Somewhere? In the States, some people say that you can’t be American because, “no one is actually from America.” And yet, I am American. Legend has it that a certain Christopher Guice made his way from Germany to the American South by boat, where he …

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Paul and Me in Berlin

By Helena Prince. “Did you see the Soviet War Memorial, yet?“ It was the second or third time he’d asked since I moved to Berlin. I think it was summertime and I’d been telling my father about exploring Berlin on an old bike I’d been given. “Oh yeah, I saw that when I first came …

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Bats in the Belfry

By Janel Schermerhorn. Some nights ago, I was walking up to our bedroom and noticed small movements outside the second story window. I called my husband over for a closer look, and what we saw were tiny bats sweeping the space between our home and our neighbor’s home. Instead of slamming the window shut, we …

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