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AWC Berlin 2015 – Year in Numbers

Our Club has had a STELLAR half year.  We went through a re.LAUNCH in June and since then, have surpassed all of expectations and goals.  Even though we have done well, knowing exactly where we stand is a great way to review our goals and align activities, as well as gathering key learnings to go forward.




So here we go:

1    Article on AWC Berlin in the press (Berlin Morgen Post) –> 2 new members

2    Number of AWC Berlin quotes on the BBC #100Women Debate webpage – resulted in highest engagement Facebook post

5    Number of members in May, before re.LAUNCH

7    Months since re.LAUNCH

44    Number of events since re.LAUNCH

56    Percentage of members 40-55 years old

66    Percentage of our membership came to us via Friend/Colleague, the rest found us on Facebook or Internet Search

92    Number of members now

489    Euros donated by the AWC Berlin to the Ronald McDonald House Berlin

565    Euros raised for Free The Girls, which resulted in a 1130 Euro donation since it was matched by The FAWCO Foundation

785    Emails sent by My-Linh since re.LAUNCH


10-28-50-69-81-83-88        Monthly increase in membership based on newsletters sent

90%   Highest Open Rate for a newsletter – June 2015 to 10 members

63%   Lowest Open Rate for a newsletter – November 2015 with 81 members


65      Number of members on private Facebook Group (total membership 88)

273    Number of likes on our public Facebook page

599    Highest number of people engaged in a Facebook post : “Here’s our Team for the BBC #100Women Debate”

682    Second highest number of people reached with a Facebook post: “Here’s our Team for the BBC #100Women Debate”

869    Highest number of people reached with Facebook post: “AWC Berlin at Hubdot Launch Event”



  1. I was astounded by the number of emails that I sent. 🙂 I knew that I prefer the written form of communication rather than phone calls. But perhaps I should pick up the phone more. What do you think?
  2. I knew that on Social Media, the most “engaged” posts are those in which you tag other organizations – best are women’s networking organizations, and therefore we need to get out there and attend other organizations’ events and tag ourselves there.
  3. 66% of our members joined based on friends/colleagues recommendations – so thank you for that and please continue to tell your friends about the AWC.
  4. Our membership has almost the perfect age bell curve – 26% members are under 40 years old, 56% are 40-55, and 18% over 55. I am very proud of the fact that our Club attracts a wide age range – our youngest member is 19 while our oldest is 81 – both German with American connection. Both found us on the Internet and both joined for 2 years.
  5. The higher the number of people receiving the newsletter (members), the lower the Open Rate. That’s normal.  But what I found out was that it really did not matter when (day & time) I sent the newsletter – non-readers will not read it no matter when I send it.  Even so, we are still way above industry (non-profit) average, which is 23%.
  6. 15% of our members have not attended even one event, and many have only been able to attend one thing. What is the reason? I have received positive feedback on the quality of our events, so I can only assume that it is timing. How can we improve?

2015-2016Looking forward to 2016 for the AWC Berlin, I’d like to build deeper membership engagement, engage more in the local community in terms of PR and volunteerism, and contribute more to philanthropic endeavors – in other words, keep with the American spirit of Having Lots of Fun while Doing Good!


My-Linh Kunst, President of The AWC Berlin

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