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that V word

by Molly Moylan Brown Thrust a female private part into the title of a theater piece and you’ve started a resistance. You incite perplexity and trepidation, an acute sense of taboo—resistance. It begins with language, the words we say and the words we avoid. Vagina. Why does that word assault us when we hear or …

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Day 16 of 16: Rise for Revolution

by Allegra Silbiger, AWC Berlin member When you bring consciousness to anything, things begin to shift. Eve Ensler We become immune. Overexposed to shocking statistics and imagery, we are no longer shocked. Overwhelmed by devastating truths, we shut down. For those fortunate enough to live at a comfortable distance from violence, the numbers and statistics …

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Day 15 of 16: Preventing Gender-Based Violence: Theater for Social Change

by Jennifer Post Dräger, AWC Berlin member I first encountered Theater for Social Change as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where Professor Patrick Sims led a troupe of diverse students in the Theater for Cultural and Social Awareness program. University departments and local nonprofits alike engaged the troupe to help their community …

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