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Our FAWCO Rep, Frances Durocher, explains:

Why FAWCO?  

I became more personally involved with FAWCO when I learned that their Target Project for 2019 – 2022 was S.A.F.E. (Safe Alternatives for FGM Elimination) in Tanzania. Over 25 years ago, I worked in a northwest Kenyan community that practiced FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). I saw first-hand the devastating consequences it had on the lives of the girls and women. However, I was young, naïve, and felt powerless to make a change at that time. Since then, there has been an empowering global initiative dedicated to ending the practice. I am proud to be a part of FAWCO for their educational outreach, support, and advocacy alongside various governments, the UN, and NGOs worldwide fighting against FGM. 

But it is not just the Target Project – FAWCO engages in many of the US and global matters that I care about deeply. Whether it involves the issues that affect women and girls, human rights, the environment, our US democracy, the UN SDGs – FAWCO is there to educate and support changes that make a real difference in the world and impact our collective future. They truly embody advocacy in action!

I encourage you to check out the FAWCO website https://www.fawco.org/, subscribe to their newsletters, and follow their calendar. Then, come join FAWCO events and meet a wonderful, fun, caring group of women from around the world!