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This is the page for Community Volunteering. If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer with the Club, please sign in to Wild Apricot and look under “Volunteering” on the menu. We are looking for AWC neighborhood coordinators, activity leaders, buddies for new members and an advertising manager.

Here, we partner with local non-profits to provide volunteer opportunities for our members. Together, we can bring a little more joy back to our community!


Please contact PR@awcberlin.org if you are interested:


  • German to English translation for Berliner Tafel. Specifically, translating YouTube videos to have English subtitles.


ReDI School

ReDi Student Mentors

This position requires no specific skill except empathy and guidance. Students seek mentors who will answer questions, give guidance and provide a supportive environment. The Mentorship Program for advanced students is in English and you can sign up here: https://www.redi-school.org/mentorship-program

The perks: it’s remote, it’s flexible, and requires only a mild commitment of once per month for one hour.

ReDi “A Day in the Life of” Speaker:

Calling all storytellers! Do you have a career story or specific knowledge in an industry (HR, hiring process, running a business, freelance work, interviews, managing a team)? What was your career journey like? Tell your story to students about your journey achieving your career (doesn’t have to be tech). English or German. The perks: it’s remote, it’s one-time commitment, it’s flexible to your schedule.

Girl Scouts  usagso.org

Girl Scouts Badge Earning Workshop Leader (one-time workshop or more). Do you have a skill? I am sure you do! The Girls Scouts are looking for women to lead a workshop to teach the girls a type of skill: in crafting, cooking, survival, educational, sport, recreational, specific industry (almost anything!). The perks: it’s only a mild commitment, it’s flexible on theme or subject, and it could be remote.

Girl Scout Mentorship (not yet available, but soon for few girls) Are you full of advice and wisdom? I know you are! The Girl Scouts in their senior years of the program strive to receive the Gold Award by achieving certain requirements and they may need some advice to achieve it. The perks: it’s flexible and spontaneous commitment, and can be remote, by email and phone.

***There are also more committed opportunities like chaperone and co-leader, reach out if you are interested


EMERGENCY Volunteer Do you value human rights and health? EMERGENCY builds and manages hospitals and clinics that are accessible to anyone while promoting culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights. They are in need of: an Event Organizer, Customer Corresponder, Translator (EN->DE), Social Media Poster, Artistic Performers. The perks: it could be remote, it’s flexible and there are creative ways to help.


Ongoing Community Volunteering Activities

Every quarter, the AWC spends one Thursday evening cooking for the families of the Ronald McDonald House in Berlin-Wedding. The AWC RMDH team – currently chaired by Silvia Malo – designs a menu following a particular theme for the evening, shops for the necessary groceries, and organizes a team of AWC members who have volunteered to cook.  Everyone comes together on Thursday evening to collectively cook the recipes from start to finish on the premises of the RMDH. Contact: PR@awcberlin.org





If you speak some German, you can also look in www.berliner-woche.de — the weekly local newspaper distributed free of charge throughout Berlin. There are various versions of the paper depending on the neighborhood you live in, but there are a number of general Berlin stories and advertisements shared by all. Go to the website, click on “E Paper” at the top, then enter your zip code (Postleitzahl) to get to the issue for your neighborhood.  You can either “Read” it or you can download a PDF. At the end of each issue (usually on the second to last or third to last page), you can find information about volunteer opportunities.  It’s called “Freiwillige gesucht.”

Also check www.berlin.de/buergeraktiv, www.freiwillig.info, www.gute-tat.de