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We partner with local non-profits to provide volunteer opportunities for our members. Together, we can bring a little more joy back to our community!

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities helping local Berlin non-profit organizations, please fill out this SHORT SURVEY. You will be contacted about *remote* volunteer opportunities among others.

Please contact our volunteering coordinator Annie at volunteering@awcberlin.org if you are interested:


  • German to English translation for Berliner Tafel. Specifically, translating YouTube videos to have English subtitles.


ReDI School

Tech Skills:

Tech Courses & Workshops: Calling all UXUI, IT, design and coding experts! Are you knowledgeable in computer programming or coding? Do you have experience as a designer or using UXUI? Or maybe some other Tech related skill? ReDi is always looking for tech teachers and/or one-time workshop leaders in Tech. English or German.

Women & Youth Digital Skills Teachers: Teaching computer skills, tech, HR or business classes in German (B2+) to women. Requires a stricter commitment to teaching weekly at a certain time.

Professional Network:

Career Workshops: Calling all professionals! Do you have experience in the professional working world? Do you have insight into German working culture? You could lead a workshop for ambitious youngsters preparing for the work world. Prepare and conduct a workshop to ReDi students in anything that could be useful for entering the German business world such as: creating a C.V., having interviews, HR training, how to give a presentation, how to pitch an idea or about business culture in Germany, etc. English or German.

“A Day in the Life of” Speaker: Calling all storytellers! Do you have an inspiring career story? Was your career journey difficult or strange? Or was it straight and narrow? Tell students about your journey achieving your career (doesn’t have to be tech). English or German.

Mentor Program:

Career Mentors – This one is open to anyone willing to be a mentor to young students. Mentors must commit to dedicating 2 hours (1 hour prep) per month to one student for 4-6 months. Each mentor will be assigned at least one student and at the most two. Hours are very flexible, you can schedule your mentor times to fit your schedule.  Mentoring can be completely in English.

ReDi is always accepting tech equipment as donations: laptops, accessories, projectors, 3D printer, computer bags, etc.

For more detailed information – download: The American Women’s Club Berlin – ReDI Mentorship Program 2021

Ongoing Community Volunteering Activities

currently suspended due to COVID-19 regulations

Every quarter, the AWC spends one Thursday evening cooking for the families of the Ronald McDonald House in Berlin-Wedding. The AWC RMDH team – currently comprised of Silvia Malo and Dawna Grand – designs a menu following a particular theme for the evening, shops for the necessary groceries, and organizes a team of AWC members who have volunteered to cook.  Everyone comes together on Thursday evening to collectively cook the recipes from start to finish on the premises of the RMDH. Contact: RMDH@awcberlin.org

Babysitting at JACK Berlin, an education center for female refugees and women in need of shelter. Contact community@awcberlin.org