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You are invited to join our Summer of Fun-Raising – virtual workshops to raise money for The FAWCO Foundation and its Target Project for S.A.F.E – housing for girls in danger of being cut and other programs to eradicate female genital mutilation.  All workshops are open to AWC Berlin members and guests.  Topics include cooking, craft making, wine tasting, yoga, stock-investing, iphonography, beautiful house concerts and more … Browse CATALOG – which includes information on how to register and make a donation. We appreciate your participation and support.

Each workshop has a suggested payment amount, which includes 19% VAT.  Payments collected will be transferred to The FAWCO Foundation as donations. You could pay for each workshop individually or buy a SIX PACK for 45 Euro (for 6 workshops) or a SEASON PASS (75 Euro) which allows attendance to as many workshops as you’d like.

Please make your payment/donation for the workshops to

American Women’s Club of Berlin
Kreditinstitut (Bank Name):………. POSTBANK BERLIN
Empfänger (Account Name):…….. American Women’s Club of Berlin
FAWCO Sister Club Members: if you’d like your donation to be made under your club’s name, please put your club’s name in the comments section of our bank transfer.
SEe complete CATALOG.