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Lissa Rosenbloom, who previously served on the AWC Berlin Board as 1st VP for Programming, has graciously volunteered to step into the philanthropy role for the Club. Lissa is a long time resident of Berlin, having moved here From Oakland, California in 1999. She is active in many capacities volunteering for refugee services and teaches English. In her previous life she worked in the non-profit world in California, consulting with many organizations such as the San Francisco Aids Foundation, Human Rights Watch, Environmental Defense Fund, and political campaigns. She is also an visual artist, with a BFA from the University or North Carolina.

2021 Local Charity Selection

The selection process continues for the local charity that AWC Berlin will support in 2021.  The Local Charity Selection Committee has been hard at work meeting with each of the incredibly impressive nominated charities.  We will soon announce the top two finalists.  It will then be up to you, our members, to cast the final vote on which charity the Club will support.  Please watch your email inboxes for more information!

Over the past two years, AWC Berlin has supported Jack Berlin through the money raised in spring 2019 at our Auction of Talents. For more information, please contact our Philanthropy Chair, Lissa Rosenbloom, at philanthropy@awcberlin.org.

The FAWCO Target Project

In November 2020, AWC Berlin became a Topaz Level Donor for FAWCO Target Project 2019-2022 addressing Women’s Health.  We thank members and friends who particpated in our Summer of Fun-Raising, raising a total of 5500 Euro for the FAWCO Target Project. Our club’s logo and donation amount is on the Club Donor Wall on the FAWCO Foundation website.

The Ronald McDonald House

Our Club is an active supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Berlin (RMDH).  Located just a few blocks from the Charite Campus Virchow-Klinikum, RMDH is designed to be a temporary residence for families whose child is receiving prolonged medical treatment at the clinic for serious illnesses. Families normally spend the day at the clinic and come home to the RMDH physically and emotionally exhausted, still worried about their child, and in need of nutritious, comforting food.  One way in which the AWC supports the RMDH is by cooking for the resident families. 

Every quarter, the AWC spends one Thursday evening cooking for the families in a truly rewarding experience. The AWC RMDH team – currently comprised of Silvia Malo and Dawna Grand – designs a menu following a particular theme for the evening, shops for the necessary groceries, and organizes a team of AWC members who have volunteered to cook.  Everyone comes together on Thursday evening to collectively cook the recipes from start to finish on the premises of the RMDH. 

During the first quarter this year, at the end of February, AWC offered an evening of soul food in celebration of Black History Month.  Our menu included culinary items representative of southern cooking, including corn bread, candied yams, and black-eyed peas, just to name a few.  We followed traditional recipes and cooked everything with love and dedication.  After two hours working hard in the kitchen, we served a complete meal including 2 starters, a main dish, some delicious sides and dessert. When the families popped by the kitchen to ask for seconds or to express their gratitude for the tasty food, we knew we had done something right!

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, we have not been able to cook for the house since March 2020. However, AWC Berlin continues our support for RMDH by sponsoring Apartment #8 for the full year. For more information on volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House, please contact rmdh@awcberlin.org.

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