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Over the past two years, AWC Berlin has supported Jack Berlin through the money raised in spring 2019 at our Auction of Talents. We launched our search for a local Berlin charity that the club will support in 2021. The search begins with you, our members, to identify and nominate your favorite Berlin-based non-profit organization that focuses on women and/or children. The charity will be selected from your nominations by a vote of our general membership.

Criteria for Selection
  1. LOCATION: Berlin-based non-profit organization.
  2. FOCUS: Helping women and/or  girls in the Berlin metro area.
  3. SUSTAINABILITY: Organization needs to have enough funding to operationally sustain itself. This is to ensure that AWC Berlin does not give funding to an unstable charity organization that may not have a long term outlook.
  4. PROJECT: Ideally, AWC Funding should be used for a specific project or need that will be executed and completed one year from funding. Funding can also be used to support necessary expenses of the people in need that the organization serves, however, our donations should not be used to sustain the organization.
  5. IMPACT: Impact of the project should be broad. The more women and girls the project can benefit, the better.
  6. AWC VOLUNTEER: Ideally, volunteer opportunities should be available for AWC members.

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Nominations must be received by August 15, 2020 to philanthropy@awcberlin.org. DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE APPLICATION.

For questions, please contact our Philanthropy Chair, Stephanie Biery, at philanthropy@awcberlin.org.