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Guided Tour of Permanent Collection

Mr. von Kostka, curator


Speaker: Heidi Brauer – Life in the GDR and the Stasi File


Clubs Introduction

SPEAKERS (in speaking order):

Angelika McLarren – FAWCO Region 5 Coordinator, AWC Berlin

My-Linh Kunst – President, AWC Berlin

Monica Jubayli – FAWCO President, AWC Lebanon

Patti Meek – The FAWCO Foundation President, AWC Dublin

Tricia Saur – FAWCO Target Program Chair, AIWC Cologne

Mary Adams – The FAWCO Foundation VP of Fundraising, AWC The Hague

Rebecca DeFraites – FAWCO 2nd VP of Membership, AWC Paris

Molly Brown – AWC Berlin

Laurie Richardson – FAWCO UN Liaison, AWA Vienna

Elizabeth Kelly and Rozanne Van Rie – AWC Antwerp

Christine Funke, AIWC Cologne

Susanne Ollmann – AWC Berlin


(Seehof Hotel)

Hospitality/Registration Desk opens
Welcome – Angelika & My-Linh

Introduction to FAWCO – Monica Jubayli & Patti Meek

Mumbai Preview

FAWCO Foundation Update

FAWCO Symposium Report – Mary Adams

Target Program: Education – Tricia Saur

Clubs Working Session – moderator: Rebecca DeFraites

Panel: Refugees Integration through Education

Moderator: Molly Brown, AWC Berlin

Keynote: Matthias Nowak, Head of the Malteser-run refugee centers at ICC and in Neukölln

Panel Discussion with:

  • Susann Heida, Wilkommenklassen teacher
  • Marion Detjen, Bard College Professor
  • Lissy Eichert, Co-Founder of JACK – an Educational Place for Migrant Women

Photo exhibit: FORGOTTEN CITY by Hayyan Al Yousouf

free afternoon
 Optional Dinner at Maroosh Restaurant


(Seehof Hotel)

Hospitality/Registration Desk opens
FAWCO & the UN – Laurie Richardson

Aging Gracefully Overseas – Elizabeth Kelly and Rozanne Van Rie

Clubs Working Session – moderator: Rebecca DeFraites

Social Media Success

Introduction to Social Media – Christine Funke

Paid Advertising – Susanne Ollmann

Lunch & Departures


Click BIOGRAPHY for speakers’ biographies.

Click PHOTOS to see coverage of the weekend from photographer Karen Axelrad, AWC Berlin.