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Chen, Wen-Ting(b. 1990) originally from Taipei, Taiwan. She focuses on exploring sustainability with the values of Taiwanese culture and creating sustainable concepts that promote cultural interaction between the East and the West.


This project is about understanding sustainability of the ancient Chinese Philosophy, Daoism, and building a sustainable high-end brand by practicing Dao. The ancient Chinese philosophy Daoism proposed the idea of ‘The unity of man and nature’. It combines the aesthetic and the environment by designing a harmonious surrounding environment. The concept of Daoism is circular; instead of a product being abandoned after its first use, every product is designed to have several life cycles, similar to how nature is designed to have an afterlife. Wen-Ting named this concept Compassionate Redesign. This design strategy is practiced through changeable embroidery design and by deconstructing the old garment. Therefore encouraging customers to become more thoughtful and responsible, while enhancing the emotional relationship between products and consumers. The garments are produced locally in Taiwan using 100% recycled PET material. This supports small-scale tailor studios and promotes the traditional craftsmanship of Taiwanese embroidery. The project intends to promote interaction between cultures and inspire people to give equal emphasis on humanistic spirit and scientific development to create a sustainable future.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is Dao, the Unity of Man and Nature. It’s the function of the universe; it’s the responsibility of being a part of the world.  

How are your designs sustainable/ ethical?

This collection is designed to have several life cycles, similar to how nature is designed to have an afterlife. They are produced from recycle PET with small-scale local studio. The project presents the spirit of Taiwanese traditional hand embroidery and the importance of cultural heritage.

What are the/ your challenges in Sustainable fashion?

Finding the philosophy of sustainable in fashion.Enhancing the emotional relationship between products and consumers by Compassionate Redesign.

Basic info

Brand/Designer Name: Chen, Wen-Ting

Contact person: Chen, Wen-Ting

Contact email: tatjanachen@gmail.com

Contact phone number: (+49)15732841296

Website: http://tatianacheninberlin.tumblr.com/

Social media:

Instagram: tatiana_chen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hua.h.chen

Other(tumbler): http://tatianacheninberlin.tumblr.com/