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The AWC Berlin blog  Berlin Americana shares musings from our members. In addition to general musings in the past, this year in 2020, there were four special blog series:



From November 25 – December 10, AWC Berlin participates in 2020’s “16 Days” campaign by posting stories on gender-based violence to inform and inspire action. Stories cover themes ranging from domestic violence to human trafficking to female genital mutilation. Each daily post invite you to participate by taking one action each day of the campaign.

To deepen our engagement with antiracism projects and foster inclusion within our Club, our Diversity Matters monthly series features stories by and about Women of Color engaged in antiracist and social justice projects, stories to inspire both reflection and action. It was inspired by recent FAWCO events, “The Anti-Racist Global Citizen”™ and the “Women Speak Up Against Racism Workshop”.

We’re all getting older and wiser, right? Or maybe we’re not wise so much as wised-up, able to recognize what wasn’t obvious to us when we were in our teens or in our 20s or 30s. What do you wish you’d known sooner? What would you tell your younger self? Our members share their stories in our blog series, “Dear Me: A Letter to My Younger Self”.

photo credit: Karen Axelrad

COVID19 Stay At Homewritings from our members about their daily life in Berlin during the time of #Coronavirus #stayathome.