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We offer multiple cultural events that reflect our members’ wide range of interests in the arts and culture (both fine and popular arts), including museum and gallery visits, musical and theatrical performances, walking tours of historical and artistic sites, and film, book, and podcast discussion groups. Members have several opportunities a month to indulge their love of art of all kinds. Contact: culture@awcberlin.org

Artist Talk & Studio Tours
Our members include many Berlin-based artists—from ceramicists to designers to collage and art installation creators—who invite us into their studios for a special tour and to share insights about their work. Contact: culture@awcberlin.org.
Art of Object of the Month
Our resident archaeologist and art historian offers guided viewings of some of Berlin’s most extraordinary art objects. Previous events have included the Ishtar Gate, the Netherlandish Proverbs by Bruegel the Elder, and the Benin Bronzes. Our guide places each object in its historical and cultural context and shares the history of how the object arrived in Berlin. Contact: culture@awcberlin.org.
Museum and Gallery Visits
Berlin is truly an arts city, and our Arts and Culture Team organizes guided tours of every kind of museum and gallery, from the Pergamon to the Kathe Kollwitz Museum to the Gemäldegalerie to private galleries. Recent museum visits have included a tour of works by women artists in the Nationalgalerie, the Van Gogh exhibition at the Barberini, and a visit to the Artist Homes in the Kunstbunker, a WWII bunker converted to an exhibition space and education center for artists. Contact: culture@awcberlin.org.
Walking Tours
Our Arts and Culture Team organizes guided walking tours to explore the rich history and culture of Berlin, from the public art installation, Orte des Erinnerns (Place of Remembrance), to the Eastern Gallery to Schloss Sanssouci in Potsdam. Contact: culture@awcberlin.org.
Book Club
We have three book clubs, which are scheduled on alternating mornings, afternoons, and evenings. The Regular Book Club offers mainstream fiction and nonfiction titles, including—but not limited to—literary fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, memoir, and biography. The Literature Book Club focuses on titles of acknowledged excellence and lasting significance. The Genre Book Club selects titles from three genres: Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Mystery-Detective-Thriller. Titles are selected from member nominations by the group’s coordinators every six months.

Check out Book List of previous and upcoming titles Contact: bookclub@awcberlin.org.
Film Club
Like a book club for film buffs, we gather monthly to discuss a film selected by the group’s members. Contact: programs@awcberlin.org.
Drink-Think-Drink: Podcast Discussion Group 
This group is like a book club for podcast fans, using the topical nature and compressed format of podcast to spur in-depth conversations over a glass of wine or cup of tea. Contact: programs@awcberlin.org.