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Summer of Fun-Raising 2020 Final Report

In the summer of 2020, amidst COVID-19 social distancing, AWC Berlin successfully implemented the Summer of Fun-Raising Campaign for The FAWCO Foundation and the FAWCO Target Project. Over forty online workshops were offered for the membership and guests from all around the world.

Philanthropy Chair Stephanie Biery called the first planning meeting on May 18th, a committee was formed, workshop presenters were recruited, the campaign was announced in the June 2020 club newsletter and FAWCO’s News-in-Brief and was widely promoted on the club’s and FAWCO’s social media. The first workshop kicked-off on June 10th.


The workshops (all online) were led by AWC Berlin, FAWCO members and guests with fun and informative topics like: yoga and meditation, self-development, at home concerts, wine tasting, cooking, arts and crafts, etc. See FULL CATALOG.

A suggested donation amount was listed for each workshop, participants could donate per workshop, or buy a SIX-PACK to attend any six workshops, or a SEASON PASS to attend an unlimited number of workshops.  Payments were accepted by bank transfer or PayPal.

Workshops were hosted on Zoom with a professional Zoom account. One of the committee members was present as workshop moderator to welcome participants, explain the charities, and ensure technical quality.


Ninety-seven (97) AWC Berlin members and another fifty-three (53) guests from Berlin and FAWCO participated in the 42 workshops. We raised 5000 Euro for The FAWCO Foundation and the FAWCO Target Project.  In addition to donating to the FAWCO Target Project S.A.F.E., funds raised were also used to sponsor a FAWCO Foundation education award –  “Women in STEM” in memory of our member Rhonda Staudt, active FAWCO volunteer, who passed away in the summer of 2020.

As a nice memento of the successful campaign, an online cookbook was published which included recipes from the popular cooking workshops – including recipes from France, India, Israel, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand, Turkey, the U.S. and Vietnam.  Click here to download COOKBOOK.


Thank you to all of our workshop presenters, participants, and donors. This initiative brought our community together, taught us new skills, showcased the many talents of our members and raised much needed funding during these very uncertain times.


Stephanie Biery, Philanthropy Chair

Karen Castellon, FAWCO Rep

Dawna Grand, 1st VP, Programs

My-Linh Kunst, PR Chair

Karen Axelrad

Rhizlane Rose Benchekroun

Emi Bevacqua

Marco Biaggi & Marina Massa

Stephanie Biery

Melissa Cattarius

Sallie Chaballier (AAWE Paris)

Nancy Doerbandt

Frances Durocher

Cavana Hazelton

Tammy Ingram

Olga Johnston-Antonova

Liz Kang

Ferah Laue

June Lee

Robbie Lillecrapp

Deborah Lillian (AAWE Paris)

Silvia Malo

Judy Mai

Bradley Milton

Kristie Pomerance

Mary Cathryn Proctor

Guevara Rowand

Sara and Jasper Switzman

Nikki Thomas

Kristin Tovson

Brenda Turner

Beth van Amerongen (AWC Amsterdam)

Yvonne Wilhelmi-



Amanda Drollinger, Angela Andersen, Aniko Brauner, Ann Birot-Salsbury, Annette Arnold, Annette Winnistoerfer, Ayuska Motha, Barbara Irigoyen, Beate Schwall, Beate Tenberg-Spang, Brenda Turner, Bridget Shaughnessy, Carla Sheath, Carol Harbers, Carol Strametz, Caty Forden, Cindy Brown, Claudia Tessier, Daphne Chiang-Ratke, Dawna Grand, Deborah Roderick, Debra Lennon, Debra Weiner, Dee Rooke, Diana Groehn, Elizabeth Waller, Emi Bevaqua, Emily Rose, Ferah Laue, Frances Durocher, Francesca Facchini, Guevara Rowand, Honffy Mevr Magdolina, Indira    Faltin, Jade Keller, Jane Marion, Janel Schermerhorn, Jean Sands, Jennifer    Post-Dräger, Judy Furukawa, Judy Grealis, Julie Lehr, June Lee, Karen Axelrad, Karen Castellon, Karin Janssen, Kate Engberg, Katherine Bain, Kathy Lyon, Kristie Pomerance, Kristin Tovson, Lauren Mescon, Laurie Richardson, Lissa Rosenbloom, Liz Kang, Liz McNiven, Lois Woestman, Luisa Weiss, Marina    Vagaeva, Mary Beth Wilson, Melissa    Cattarius, Monica Geissler, My-Linh Kunst, Natalia    Diakov, Nelly Heidibrink, Penny Fisher, Rachna Reiter, Rebecca Kingshirn, Renuka Matthews, Robina Lillecrapp, Rozanne Van Rie, Sandy Kluth, Shweta Gupta, Sieglinde Tuschy, Stacey Kimmig, Stephanie Bansal, Stephanie Biery, Susan Wolter, Susanne Varasteh-Wagner, Suzy Nguyen, Tam Thomspon, Tara Scott, Theresa Helou, Tina Wilson, Twana    Rhodes, Ute Maisl-Wust, Veronica Riffle, Victoria Thiessen, William Allum.