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Stephanie Biery, Philanthropy Chair, philanthropy@awcberlin.org

Stephanie Biery
photo credit: Susanne Ollmann

Stephanie hails from Northern CA. She received her BS in Marketing from the Kelley School of Business at IU. Prior to moving to Berlin in April 2018, Stephanie experienced life abroad as an AFS exchange student and added to her multicultural experience hosting students from Germany, Mexico and Italy. Her work experience includes managing several large Midwestern department stores (Minnesota, Michigan, Chicago) and owning her own custom window treatment business (New Jersey). She has been an active volunteer in various leadership roles: serving on the Boards of the Girls Scouts, the Opera Theater, Parents Council, sport clubs and, most recently, as President of the Mendham, NJ Rotary Club (2017/18). Stephanie enjoys sharing her Berlin experience with her two adult sons (who visit from Chicago and Pittsburgh), friends and family. She looks forward to learning more about German culture, traveling, taking language lessons, and actively volunteering in her new community.



We are accepting nominations for our 2019 Berlin-based beneficiary.  We look forward to receiving your nominations by October 15, 2018 to philanthropy@awcberlin.org.

Click here to download Berlin Beneficiary – Criteria for selection and AWC Berlin Beneficiary -Nomination Form 2019:

Criteria for Selection

  1. LOCATION: Berlin-based non-profit organization.
  2. FOCUS: Helping women and/or girls in the Berlin metro area.
  3. SUSTAINABILITY: Organization needs to have enough funding to operationally sustain itself. This is to ensure that AWC Berlin does not give funding to an unstable charity organization that may not have a long term outlook.
  4. PROJECT: Ideally, AWC Funding should be used for a specific project or need that will be executed and completed in 2019. Our donations should not be used to sustain the organization.
  5. IMPACT: Impact of the project should be broad. The more women and girls the project can benefit, the better.
  6. AWC VOLUNTEER: when possible, volunteer opportunities should be available for AWC members.


  1. IMMEDIATELY: Members can download AWC Berlin Beneficiary -Nomination Form 2019 here or request from Stephanie Biery: philanthropy@awcberlin.org
  2. OCTOBER 15, 2018: Nomination deadline – email completed nomination form to Stephanie Biery: philanthropy@awcberlin.org
  3. Nominations  will be compiled by Stephanie Biery.  Angela Andersen will check non-profit status.
  4. BY NOVEMBER 30, 2018: Meeting will be scheduled with each charity which will be attended by Stephanie Biery and one German speaking board member. All meetings must be completed before November 30, 2018.
  5. BY DECEMBER 6, 2018: AWC board will be presented with proposed three finalists. Board will vote to approve recommendations.
  6. DECEMBER 6, 2018: List  of three finalists will be sent to membership (after Board vote).
  7. DECEMBER 10 2018: Membership will vote on final recipient of funding at Annual General Meeting in December 10 2018. Result is announced at meeting.
  8. BY DECEMBER 30 2018: Notify selected charity.
  9. JANUARY 2019 GENERAL MEETING: A representative from the selected charity and nominating AWC member should attend this meeting. Selected charity will present their organization to the membership and share volunteer opportunities for members.
  10. JANUARY 2019: First “FUN-raiser” for Berlin beneficiary
  11. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – DECEMBER 2019: Selected charity will attend December, 2019 general meeting to share the results of their project; how the money was used and AWC volunteer support.


Philanthropy is one of AWC Berlin’s primary purposes.

ARTICLE II of the Club’s Constitution:
The purpose of the Club shall be to help all American women and their families in order to make life happier and more effective. The goal of this organization shall be to promote the unity of the American community and enrich life in Berlin. The Club shall also present charitable events, the profits of which shall be given to furthering the cause of the Club and other recognized charitable organizations. Its purpose is solely social, educational, cultural and charitable.

AWC Berlin has two ongoing beneficiaries: globally, we contribute to the FAWCO Target Program, supporting the rights of women and children in the areas of Education, Environment, Health and Human Rights; and locally in Berlin, we have been supporting the Ronald McDonald House Berlin since 2004. In addition, each year, we make donations for specific projects, as nominated by AWC members on behalf of local charities working to improve the lives of women and girls. Below is the summary of our donations in the last three years:

Donations 2016 – TOTAL 2903 Euro

Ronald McDonald House Berlin 823.31 Euro

FAWCO 2013-2016 Target Program – Free the Girls 500 Euro

FAWCO 2016-2019 Target Program 1500 Euro

Justin Memorial 30 Euro

NPR 50 Euro

Donations 2017 – TOTAL 12 450 Euro

FAWCO Target Program 2016-2019 5000 Euro

TERRE DES FEMMES 4500 Euro (V-DAY beneficiary)

Ronald McDonald House 2000 Euro

Welcome Baby Bags 500 Euro

V-Day USA 450 Euro

Donations 2018

FAWCO Target Program 2016-2019 1200 Euro (Robin Goldsby)

Ban Ying – 5000 Euro (V-DAY beneficiary)

RMDH – 2000 Euro + 4 dinners (about another 800 Euro)