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holiday season PROJECTS

These projects are finished. Thank you to all who participated / donated.

As we head towards the holiday season, there are several opportunities for you to give back with our THREE separate community outreach projects. For more information about any of these initiatives, please contact Molly Brown at community@awcberlin.org.

Christmas Angel Volunteers, a collaboration with Agape and Leben Lernen e.V.: Christmas shoeboxes for the young women at Leben-Lernen’s mother-child facilities. Thanks to the generous volunteers who have stepped up to be Christmas Angels this year. If you want to be on a waiting list to volunteer, in case more help is necessary, please contact Molly Brown at community@awcberlin.org.

AWC Food Drive for Laib und Seele at Berliner Tafel, Hall 1 at the Berliner Großmarkt, Beusselstrasße 44 n-q, 10553  December 2-4. 
When: Drop off 2-4 December, from 9:00am – 15:00
Where: Laib und Seele at Berliner Tafel, Hall 1 at the Berliner Großmarkt, Beusselstraße 44 n-q, 10553. Click here for Directions to Hall 1 and see link to map: https://goo.gl/maps/xvmP7GMMqPfvPLHb8. Train or bus, they are located just around the bend from the S-Bahn Station Beusselstraße which can be reached with the S41/S42 train line or Bus 123.

LAIB und SEELE’s 45 food distribution points would be grateful to have the following food donations dropped off:

Pasta, Olive Oil, Coffee, Cocoa, Canned Goods (tomatoes, corn, tuna fish etc.), Tea, Cookies, Laundry Detergent

SECOND PRIORITY: Bread (fresh), Long Shelf “H” Milk, Jam, Nuts, White Rice, Sugar & similar dry goods

NOTE: Check your donations carefully! Laib und Seele cannot accept anything past the “Expiration Date” or Verbrauchsdatum. However, they can accept items that are past the “Best Before Date” or Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum, “MHD”.

AWC Second Hand Collection Drive for Haltbar, Berliner Tafel’s Second Hand Store, Pestalozzistraße 100, 10625 — December 7-9, from 12:00pm – 6:00pm.

Seeking the following kinds of donations : CD’s/DVD’s, Porcelain Dishware, Books, Jewelry, Handbags & Backpacks. Food donations are also greatly appreciated at the Second Hand shop and the shop does not accept donations in the form of electronic devices, furniture or clothing.


Ongoing Community Volunteering Activities

currently suspended due to COVID-19 regulations

Every quarter, the AWC spends one Thursday evening cooking for the families of the Ronald McDonald House in Berlin-Wedding. The AWC RMDH team – currently comprised of Silvia Malo and Dawna Grand – designs a menu following a particular theme for the evening, shops for the necessary groceries, and organizes a team of AWC members who have volunteered to cook.  Everyone comes together on Thursday evening to collectively cook the recipes from start to finish on the premises of the RMDH. Contact: RMDH@awcberlin.org

Babysitting at JACK Berlin, an education center for female refugees and women in need of shelter. Contact community@awcberlin.org