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Reflections on 90 days in Berlin

Have you ever played that game in which you summarize your life story in 6 words? I have, and when my husband suggested that he was going to consider a job in Berlin, my six word “memoir” composed a while ago indicated that this was the right choice for us.

Thus within 4 months we found ourselves in the German capital with two of our three school-age children. With Ted focused on his new job at Big Pharma company, the children focused on school, making friends and sports activities, that left me on my own to “find my people,” and create a new life in a new city. How often do we get the opportunity to conclude one wonderful life trajectory and then move more than 4000 miles to contemplate a whole new set of possibilities (with the same family members)?

Community has always been important to me, and more so as my children have grown over the years. It really does take a village to raise children. While our family has grown as both individuals and as a family “team,” this has meant evolving relationships in many different areas. School and church communities have always been a constant in our family life, and in Berlin that means trying to make contributions at the Berlin International School and worshipping at All Saints Catholic Church. The Girl Scout troop at All Saints showed us how to pitch a tent on a camping weekend and taught my daughter how to fix up bikes for refugees.   Soccer, basketball, track and lacrosse teams have led us to kindred sportspeople.

Best of all, the American Women’s Club of Berlin has been an inspirational source of smart, spirited, generous women who have welcomed me as a newcomer with open arms. I am so grateful for the many activities that have been planned and led by women who are interesting and seeking to learn more everyday about Berlin, the world and themselves. What an opportunity to grow and learn alongside these talented international individuals, couples, and families who seek to make this world a better place! For me this will mean fulfilling my six word memoir, “Always ready for the next adventure.”

Karen Castellon

July 2, 2016

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