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UPDATE – September 2019

The Auction of Talents; the event that keeps on giving!

The Auction of Talents was held in April, 2019, and raised over 16,000€ for our local charity, JACK Berlin. AOT events began the week after the auction with a traditional German Kaffee Klatsch hosted by Petra Zimmer. They continued through spring and summer with generous hostesses and happy guests. Final events will be held this fall with Sylvia Malo hosting her Mexican dinner and Karen Alexrad holding an iPhoto workshop. Over the past six months, the auction has brought fellowship and fundraising together. Thank you again to My Linh Kunst for bringing the concept to our club via the IWC Munich.

Due to the overwhelming success of this event, the board voted in favor of using the money raised to support JACK over a two-year period. JACK will remain our local charity through 2020. There will not be an Auction of Talents in 2020, but we will have several other exciting events.

JACK will receive AWC Berlin funds to support two initiatives in 2019; security and childcare. The security initiative will ensure a safer environment for program participants and teachers. It will provide a secure place to keep their personal belongings while in class, window coverings to create privacy while in the classrooms and security while in the building with and improved lock system. The child care initiative will provide children under the age of six, with mothers in JACK classes, an updated environment. The childcare center is in the basement. They will be renovating a space for napping, repairing the plumbing in the unreliable sink, adding heaters for the winter months, cleaning the carpet, repainting the rooms and adding storage that is out of the reach of the children for safety. The local Berlin Brownie troop also held a fundraising event and gave JACK a toy cabinet with bins for the childcare area. We will be hosting a volunteer day in the fall to assist with projects our members can complete in the childcare center.